About Us

Who are we?

Professional Windows Support Service is the one-stop solution for your PC and MAC related issues. Be it a printer, a router, a scanner or any computer peripheral. You Name it and we have got excellent, reliable and agile support for it. There is no IT equipment that Professional Windows Support Service does not support. We have a Wide range of support for Products (Both hardware and software) that we offer dedicated support for at the same place. We believe in nurturing experience and honing skills and that is the reason why we have the best team of technical experts and customer service representatives across the entire support sector. With Such a strong base we deliver high-end customer satisfaction to our enormous customer base to which 9 million customers get added every month worldwide.

What we do?

Every month Professional Windows Support Service and its partners help to resolve more than 10 million issues Worldwide. Professional Windows Support Service has a customer satisfaction score of 98%. A dissatisfied customer is as good as an unresolved issue, After having mentioned that we also have a resolution rate of 95% and We also setup conferenced joint troubleshooting sessions for third party issues.

How we do?

1. Professional Windows Support Service has a force of highly experienced certified technicians specially trained and certified to cater to Browsing issues.
2. An exquisite questionairre designed by experienced certified diagnostic experts which helps our technicians to get to the root cause of the issue and eradicate it.
3. We at Professional Windows Support Service follow the PDF methodology for resolving issues:
(a.) Probe the issue (b.) Diagnose the issue (c.) Fix the issue

The best thing you would love about us
  • Real time Trouble Shooting
  • 24/7 service
  • Get your problem fixed right at your home.
  • Get tips from experts

How we special?

  • Call us and never wait in the queue to talk to a Live technician
  • Get instant diagnosis and support within 30 minutes
  • Lowest resolution time - With expert diagnosis and support we resolve issues in a very short span of time.
  • Secure and reliable remote support - The world's most reliable remote support software - "Logmein" is used by our experts and certified technicians.
  • 99% First Call /First time resolution- We resolve issues for almost all our customers at the first time they call us.
  • 5 different levels of customer and technical escalation- This ensures 0% dissatisfied customers and 0% unresolved issues.
  • 100% Satisfaction gaurantee *
  • 100% Issue resolution Gaurantee *
  • 100% Money back Gaurantee *

" Assuring you endless technical support round the clock "